Mohari is one of the most remote and last villages of Nepal in the Western part of Nepal.
This place lies at the altitude of 4000 M height, where crops hardly hardly grow!
Imagine the community where people can barely afford two meals daily.

The winter has started, and the temperatures are freezing cold!

Children, especially, are barefoot in this freezing cold and often have only a single piece of clothing to wear every day.

With no government help, they have no choice but to live in hardship.

As we approach Christmas and the new year, many rejoice in the spirit of giving.
With your donation, large or small, we will be able to buy shoes and warm jackets for up to 150 kids in the village, bringing huge smiles to the faces of these kids.

There is more that we would like to do, but the winter's cold and wind are upon us right now. Every penny brought in will go to this project, which could expand to other children within our reach.

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