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GraceMode CD Club

Moments of Grace CD Club

In line with our mission to provide clear teaching aimed at both evangelism and Christian growth, we now offer the CD Club for those without internet access.

Subscribers to the club receive 3 CD's per month, which, together, contain every episode of Moment of Grace for the just-concluded month.

Although donations are always welcome, we decided not to charge for the subscriptions, so that no one will need to miss out on these messages due to finances.

Subscribing is easy. Just tell us who needs the CD's and we will add them to our list.
Get their full mailing address to us by

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    2216 West Street
    Pueblo, Colorado 81003 USA
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  • +1-719-406-0627
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You can also share our effort with others by placing our prayer cards in the hands of believers you know!


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 We hope you enjoy today's Moments of Grace episode.
Moments of Grace is designed to encourage,
challenge and bless you.

Please come back tomorrow and join us for an all new episode.

One month's CD Club
One month of Moments of Grace on CD's,
posed with the famous rubber band ball.