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GraceMode Mission Trip to India

Flag of India
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2013 Mission Trip to India

At the invitation of Pastor Prem Raulo of Odisha State, India, Pastor Al traveled to India to train and assist the local pastors and nearby persecuted pastors.

While there, he led in evangelical outreach to the community.

Powerpoint presentation about GraceMode and the mission to India

Overview of the Trip

First, we got our ducks in a row!
Ducks in a row

Local fund raisers helped fund the trip.

  • One fund raiser was a benefit concert featuring Sharon Wade!
  • Many supporters stepped up to complete the funding!
Baptism by our Evangelist Pastor Prem and believers

Then the usual vaccinations, passport, airline tickets, etc.

On arrival, it was a whirlwind of activity:

  • Meet Pastor Prem
  • Tour the churches
  • Visit the FAITH Childrens' Home orphanage
  • Meet local pastors
  • Speak before many, many groups
  • Give saris to widows
  • Give bicycles to pastors for their transportation
  • Give Bibles to those who had none
  • Give rice and blankets to families
  • Be blessed every day by the people

If you wish to assist with the funding of this orphanage, it's easy, click here.

You can also share our effort with others by placing our prayer cards in the hands of believers you know!