Pastor Al

GraceMode Ministry Updates


Welcome to our web site.  I am going to endeavor to stay current on topics of
	interest for our listeners and supporters.  Please visit this site, and
	especially this Ministry Update page, often.
We are still fairly new at this, and I would really like your help in expanding
	the impact of GraceMode both at home and around the world.
	What can you do? 
1.  Pray for us, especially that the right message goes forth every day.

2.  Tell others about our devotioncast and our web site.  Be sure to tell 
	any friends on your social networks.

3.  Listen often (every day would be great).  This helps with ranking 
	and other statistics, which then helps others find the episodes.

4.  Although we don't have huge needs, financial donations are welcome in 
	any amount.  Ongoing expenses include internet and host services, mileage
	for ministry travel, office supplies, postage and the like.  We are
	open to the Lord's leading in ministry, but we will not go into debt to
	push through doors that may only look open.  You can find out how to
	donate by clicking on the "Make a Donation" link on any page.

5.  Help us get the word out to your church.  You can get publicity to post 
	or display at your church by asking for it.  I am also available for 
	pulpit supply in the southern Colorado area (and beyond).  I can also 
	visit churches, clubs and meetings to present the work in just a few 
	minutes or an entire program.  

We are excited to have the opportunity to extend our in-person ministry into
	India!  Click the "Mission Trip to India" link to learn more.

Your prayers and financial support will make a difference in more lives
	than we can currently count.
We are even more excited that we could bring Peter Kuruc to the USA for a whirlwind tour,
	introducing him to the people here who support GraceMode and our outreach.

Under Peter's guidance, we continue our partnership with Helping Hands For 
	Poor And Orphaned Children, of Nepal in our list of supported ministries.
	Our friend, Umesh Pandit, continues to manage assisting fourteen needy
	children in returning to school after losing everything in the earthquakes.
	We are seeing God powerfully at work as we touch lives.
We are pleased to announce a new missionary family, joining the GraceMode family
	in Kenya, Africa.  John and Esther Olwanda now serve as our voice and hands
	in their home country of Kenya. John is a pastor, and their work is growing.
	One important part of the work is the new sewing school that is in operation. 
By the way, if you see anything that can be improved on here, let me know.  
	That, too, will help us to be more effective.

As always, if you need counsel or just to get me a message, shoot me an
	e-mail.  I will get back to you.
Pastor Al

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