Pastor Al

Welcome to GraceMode

Welcome to GraceMode.

GRACEMODE  is a ministry that focuses on evangelism and spiritual growth that is designed to challenge, comfort and bless the listener. The ministry puts out a daily online devotioncast, and is also available for speaking events and pulpit supply.

Moments of Grace was founded by Pastor Al Dagel while he served as senior pastor at Grace Community Bible Church in Pueblo, Colorado. GRACEMODE has been podcasting for 17 years now with positive ratings.

Upon Pastor Al's retirement, GRACEMODE became the umbrella under which his teaching and outreach ministry continues. GRACEMODE, a 501(c)(3) organization, is based in Pueblo, Colorado, and is growing and reaching people world wide with its daily devotioncast.

Our Online Devotioncast

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Moments of Grace is designed to encourage, challenge and bless you.

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